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Who Are MKTO? must stand for something. Maroon Kangaroos Throwing Oranges? Nope doesn't stand for that.
Rixton Exposed – Discover The Group’s Secret Past [VIDEOS]
Rixton's song 'Me and My Broken Heart' is one of my most requested songs. But I bet you didn't know this English pop group used to have another name!
Rixton called themselves Relics before they changed their name to Rixton! Watch the video below to learn more about Rixton and thei…
Another New Judge On The Voice
Last month it was revealed that Pharrell Williams would be replacing Cee-Lo Green on The Voice so Green could tour with Lionel Richie. But with word that Christina Aguilera was taking the season off as well, fans wondered when the next announcement would be. Well here it is.

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