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Four Southcoast Change Recess Policies
New Bedford - MA
Four New Bedford elementary schools — DeValles, Congdon, Hathaway, and Jacobs will now work with Playworks, an organization that provides training for teachers and students.
The program is seen to have countless benefits and teach the kids kind and safe play habits...
North Korea Is NOT Threatening Rhode Island
As I was getting ready to come to work this afternoon I got this alert on my phone from the Channel 12 app.  Um... Maybe there won't be a radio station to go into.   But don't worry everyone, it was just a false alarm.  I repeat, North Korea IS NOT targeting Rhode Island or …
American Idol Bound – Fun 107’s Own DJK
Boston, MA
This Friday I'll be joining thousands of people in hopes of starting the process to become the next American Idol.
A little background on me, I previously went out for America's Got Talent and got a front of the line audition pass but didn't move on after

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