Free School Supplies On The SouthCoast!
I know it is only July, but you'll have to think about getting the kids back to school at some point.  No better time than right now!  There are some Verizon Wireless stores on the Southcoast giving away free backpacks full of supplies on Sunday, July 23rd...
Cheapest Gas Prices On The South Coast
I had to stop for gas on my way into the radio station, and to my surprise, I was able to fill up my tank for UNDER $2 a gallon!  That doesn't seem to be the norm around the area though.
Most gas stations I've driven by in the last few days are between $2...
4 Tips For Avoiding A Shark Attack
It is shark season and there have already been a few sightings off Cape Cod. So if you are hitting the water this summer, here are some helpful hints for avoiding attacks.
SouthCoast Marketplace Expansion Is Finalized
According to the Fall River Development News, the former Harbor Mall and now the SouthCoast Marketplace, has finally confirmed 11 new stores for their mall. The redesigned outdoor mall includes a central plaza with dining and entertainment venues surrounding it...

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