Our New Year’s Resolutions List
The FUN 107 / WBSM staff members are really looking forward to 2017. We each shared one thing on our individual resolutions lists.
Nancy: "Get out of bed before my kid does"
Abby: "Digitally unplug more and put my phone away in a face-to-face conversation
Big Cheese Recall Out Today
This past week 4C cheese recalls a few of their packages of cheese.
The recalled items have “Best By” dates between November 12, 2016, and November 12, 2018.  They include the following:
4C 6 oz.  All Natural Parmesan Grated Cheese packed in vacuum sealed glass ja…
Recall on Weight Watchers Frozen Dessert
There is a recall on one of Weight Watchers’ frozen food products. According to the product recall notice on the Food and Drug Administration’s website, one hundred thousand cases of “Weight Watchers Smart Ones Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sundae” frozen desserts are being recalled after “Aspen Hills…
Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors Recalled
That annoying "chirp" sound your smoke detector makes when the battery is low is actually a good thing. It's alerting you to change the battery before a real threat is present and it's useless.
Unfortunately, WCVB reports that millions of smoke and carbon monoxide detector…

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