Fall River to Sell Marijuana by Spring
Hope, Heal, Health, a Fall River marijuana dispensary will begin to sell product starting in the Spring.
At the moment, The Standard Times reports by the Spring, "it will have grown and harvested its first crop and processed it into buds, brownies, lotions, and oils, said John Rogue, the com…
Feel Bad About Overeating on Thanksgiving? DON’T!
Every year I hear the same people say the same thing after eating an absurd amount of food on Thanksgiving.
"I shouldn't have eaten that much, I'm going to gain like a zillion pounds."
Some hyperbole, yes, BUT honestly, overeating once in a blue moon will not hurt your diet…
Ever Wonder How Hospitals Remove A Cast On a Leg? [VIDEO]
We showed you how a cast was put onto my son's leg a couple of weeks ago.  A few weeks have passed, and the time has come for his cast to come off.  Yesterday, I brought my son to have his cast removed, so I brought along my iPhone to film.  Here's some video of the cast com…

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