Radio Roulette Winner Mercedes Javier Going To Britney Spears Show
Congratulations to Fun 107 listener Mercedes Javier, you could say a Fun 107 fanatic, she heard her name and got back to us within thirty minutes and spun the Radio Roulette wheel, she chose number 35 and it landed on it!  Needless to say she nearly jumped through the phone when she won a trip …
Fun 107 Mom-Shell Contest 2014
We know just how hard a mom’s job is and every mom is beautiful! So that's why we are celebrating her by giving her the chance to win Fun 107′s MomShell 2014 title.
Loren’s Nominated!
Nominations are out for this years "Best Of" from the Providence Phoenix and I'm honored to learn that I've been nominated!
Win Miley Cyrus Tickets All Next Week
***WARNING*** This Miley Cyrus show is not suitable for young children.
Fun 107 welcomes Miley Cyrus to Boston on April 2nd. Michael Rock, Loren and Larry have stacks of tickets for you to win.
Socializing With Singles
At Fun 107 we know that the hardest part about being single is the idea of having to approach someone and start that first, sometimes awkward, conversation. So at Friday night's Kiss Me, I'm Single party we're breaking the ice for you.

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