Black Friday Survival Guide: 20 Tips
We all know that the holidays are stressful enough as it is, but add a little Black Friday craziness and you'll soon find you're going to need to prep yourself.
Here's a list of 20 think-ahead ideas that could very well help you out if you're a Black Friday shopper:
1.) B...
Daylight Savings and Physical Effects
I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets all screwed up when Daylight Savings Time comes around. I'm glad to see the sun rising when I drive to work at 5:30 am, but I'm sad to see total darkness by 5:30 pm. Not only that, but I'm super tired most of the day...
Fast Food’s Healthiest Options
If you've ever been on a diet...or try to live a healthy've been faced with this issue.  Maybe you're on a road trip, or really pressed for time.  What is the healthiest choice to make at a fast food restaurant.  Here is a "go to&q…

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