Legendary DJ Casey Kasem passed away over a month ago, but the drama surrounding him still continues.

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Before Kasem died his family was at odds over what to do about his care. Kasem suffered from Lewy body dementia and his children from his first marriage were bitterly battling with his second wife Jean over control of his health care.

They were eventually granted access to their father's medical records as well as access to the man himself. But their time with him was short-lived and after observing his own wishes, the family placed Kasem on "end-of-life" measures.

Kasem died on June 15 at St Anthony's Hospital in Gig Harbor, Washington, but now more than a month later, the family drama continues.

Reports say that Jean Kasem has violated a court order and removed her husband's body from the funeral home in Tacoma, WA where it was being kept.

You may be wondering why Kasem has yet to be buried, over a month after passing away. Well the family feud is involved there too.

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Kasem's kids wanted to have an autopsy done on their father, but had to fight for one in court. They then hear Jean was thinking of having the autopsy done in Canada or not at all and having Casey cremated, so the courts got involved again.

Now after being told that the body needed to remain at the funeral home until things were sorted out at a court date scheduled for next Friday July 25, Casey Kasem is missing again.

The body of Casey Kasem was removed a day before the judge's order came down according to TMZ, and everyone is looking to Jean.

And surprise, surprise...Jean cannot be found.

She seems to have left the country and neither her lawyer nor her people can be reached to say where she may or may not be.

She did list her address on Kasem's death certificate as Jerusalem, so where she and the body may have traveled to is anyone's guess.

Sad story. I really hope they can find Kasem soon and just let the man be laid to rest.