This weekend, I did a broadcast for Kohl's Cares to bring awareness to car and booster seat safety. The statistics I found out were astounding. Nearly 70% of car seats are installed improperly.

If you have a child that rides in a car seat, there are plenty of local resources that can check to make sure that your seat is in fact installed correctly. Having it installed properly reduces the risk of fatality for the child by 71%. That as a parent is worth it's weight in gold. And if you have a kid that is under 4'9" and under 80lbs, they should definitely be in a booster.

When Larry and I were pregnant, he took the initiative to get our car seat checked at a local police station. So even if you're expecting, that ride home from the hospital is already nerve wracking. Make sure the seat is in the right way to ease your mind.

For more information on local resources and certified technicians that can help make sure your seat is installed properly, visit