It's summertime, and as usual, people flock to the Cape to enjoy the beautiful scenery, the beaches, the food, and the relaxing surroundings.

Its been happening for years, but yet every year some of the residents of Cape Cod complain and get upset that there life is being disrupted by unwanted guests. Now, keep in mind, I didn't say all, I said SOME.

But with the invention of social media, it seems like more and more Cape Cod residents are asking tourists to stay home. Why?

Businesses count on the revenue that's generated every year, and probably couldn't survive without the tourist income. Without the yearly flow of traffic, I would bet that lots of Cape Cod towns would suffer incredibly and lots of things would suffer that people probably take for granted,

It's not like the "inconvenience" of the tourist season began a few years ago, its been going on forever. I would think that everyone would have adapted by now.