Not to be negative, but as I was sitting in the traffic mess on King's Highway, just off exit 4 of
Route 140, I thought "this is dumb".  We have a supermarket, several fast food restaurants, and some large retail outlets located in three separate plazas, on and off ramps to a major highway, and traffic that can not move in a normal fashion.  Why?  The four lanes of King's Highway bottle-neck into a narrow two lanes for about 100 feet as the road dog legs past the railroad intersection.

After all these years of increasing traffic, can't this design flaw be corrected?  Is the reason due to the railroad tracks. I do believe there is an occasional train that passes.  I've never seen it, but did actually hear a train in that area as I left my house early one morning. It's was kind of like the scene in "My Cousin Vinny".

But seriously, with all of the highway improvements underway, such as the Route 18 downtwon project, and the Acushnet ave redo, can't something be done?  Meanwhile I would appreciate other drivers avoiding the area in the late afternoon when I am heading home.

Thank you very much for your support.