In honor of his 40th birthday, I took a drive around Michael Rock's hometown of Tewksbury, Massachusetts.   It's a very nice New England community, and I can see why Michael is proud to call it his hometown.  

I saw some landmarks, such as the North Street School, where Michael Rock attended kindergarten.  I couldn't seem to find the large plaque that I thought was on the front of the building, but maybe the it fell in a shadow at that time of day.

The most puzzling thing to me was the placement of the sign directing one to the hospital and to the cemetery at the same time.  Is there a specific reason for this?   Are they together for a specific reason?   It could just be me

.   Maybe no one else has ever thought the positioning of these signs together is just little weird.   

Jay Leno grew up in the town neighboring Tewksbury, which is Andover, Mass.   I'll forward the photo to him for the segment he occasionally does.   Not much time left for him on the Tonight Show, so I'd better get to it before I forget.