You're never going to please everyone. From government workers to employees calling in saying screw work, the World Cup is costing up to $13.5 billion in lost productivity. On the other hand, the World Cup will inject more than that to offset the losses. Still, a lot of business owners railed about their losses, but what kind of productivity would they have received from disgruntled and upset employees?

Imagine having the Super Bowl on a weekday afternoon. How many employees would call-in sick that day? Exactly! So while the World Cup costs some businesses lost time due to altered work schedules, in the bigger picture, the World Cup will have a positive impact on employees motivation!

Truth be told, if the human resource managers had any sense, they'd allow their employees to watch the World Cup matches, either live at the stadium or on television at the office, or just feel free to skip work, especially on days that Brazil is playing. And that's what's really important, as it should be!