After I watched game 5 of the Bruins/Hawks series, a commentator said something that made me think back a few years. He mentioned that the cup could be won in Boston on monday night, but not by the Bruins.

If Boston is going to win the cup, it will have to be on the road again on Wednesday night. With all the championships that have been won by Boston teams, its only the Boston Celtics that have taken the title in the city in the last 40 years.

Both Red Sox championships in 2004, and 2007 were won on the road. Of course none of the Patriots Super Bowl wins were won home, and the 2011 Stanley Cup title was won away as well. You have to go all the way back to 1970 to find a championship title won at home that was not won by the Celtics. Maybe this year the Sox can win one at home!

Lets take a look back at a couple victory celebrations in front of the home town fans!