Not that we are ones to judge fashion (Michael Rock's Nantucket Reds), but what the heck was Demi Lovato - or her stylist - thinking with her latest outfit?

So what was going on with that old lady look on Demi Lovato during Wednesday nights  ;X Factor'? It certainly didn't seem like her usual look.

Most of the time Demi is absolutely beautiful, but some of her recent outfit choices have us scratching our heads. When she show sup to an awards show she is stunning,but on live TV she doesn't wear the most flattering clothing.

Her outfit Wednesday night made us want to ask her to look something up in the card catalog at the local library. Though her outfit on the  night she sent Jillian Jensen home was questionable, too.

Meanwhile, Britney Spears has looked stunning! Her outfit choices are fun and sexy. Perhaps Demi should take note.