Bombers identified as Russian brothers, age 19 and 20. They are from Chechnya and have been living in the United States for over about a year. Suspect number two, still at large, has been identified as Dzhokhar Tsarnaev (below), 19.


Update: 7:30 pm - Shortly after the stay at home order was lifted police exchanged fire with an individual. The believe it is the suspect, and are telling  people to stay inside and away from windows. The suspect is pinned down in Waterdown, in a boat in a backyard.

Update 6:49 pm - The T is now open in Boston, and the stay at home order has also been lifted. Governor Patrick has asked people to remain alert and report anything that seems suspicious. They do believe that the suspect is still in Massachusetts.

Update 3:46 pm - The police have found the Green Honda Civic. WBZ reports that the bomb thrown at the police in Cambridge, MA was a pressure cooker bomb.

We have also learned that while searching the suspects' homes the police discovered explosive materials, which prompted the bomb squad to come in for further investigation.

WBZ reports that the Father of the two suspects says that his two sons were 'set up'. He says that his family has never had arms, and left Chechnya years ago.

Update 2:04 pm - The police are saying to be on the lookout for a 1999 Green Honda Civic with Massachusetts license plates 116 GC7.

Update 10:26 am - The police have found the Gray Handa CRV in Cambridge, MA. No word on the vehicles involvement, according to WBZ. The car was registered to the older brother.

Update 10:14 am - The Connecticut Police have put out an APB that they ar elooking for a car, a 1999 Honda CRV Gray, with Massachusetts plates 316 ES9.

Update 9:57 am - The MIT Police Officer who was killed by the two bombing suspects has been identified as 26-year-old Sean Collier of Somerville. A make shift memorial near MIT is being started.

Update 9:07 am - The FBI has released another photo of 19-year-old suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.


Update 8:50 am - Police are currently surrounding a home and a car near Quimby and Willow Park in Watertown. Another person is reportedly in custody who was at the apartment where the brothers lived.

Update 8:23 am - The AP has reported that an Uncle of the bombing suspects has confirmed that the the two men were brothers. The Uncle tells WBZ that the brothers had been in the United States since 2000 or 2001. Also, WBZ reports that the FAA has a no flight restriction over the Boston Area.

WBZ is also reporting that federal authorities say suspect two is very armed and very dangerous, and prepared to die.

Update 8:10 am - Richard Donahue was the transit officer that was injured in the attack early on Friday morning, he is 33-years-old. The MIT police officer has not been publicly identified as of yet.

The first suspect, the man in the black hat has been identified as Tamerlan Tsarnaev, 26-years-old. He was killed during the shootout with authorities over night. Deadspin reports that he had a YouTube profile, specifically dedicated to terrorism.

Major developments overnight while you were sleeping. Here's the summary - suspect number one in the marathon bombings has been killed. He's the one that was wearing the black hat in the pictures.

Suspect number two,the one with the white hat, is on the loose right now in Watertown. Police have secured a 20 block perimeter in Watertown and believe the suspect is contained in the perimeter. A massive search is happening now. Police say suspect #2 is considered armed and extremely dangerous.

This all started when the two men held up a 7-11 in Cambridge last night, then shot and killed a MIT police officer. They then carjacked a Mercedes, held the person inside for about 30 minutes before letting the victim go. A shootout started with police up and down the streets of Watertown, witnesses say there were too many gunshots to count, maybe 50 or 60 shots back and forth, explosions were heard by people in their homes in Watertown.

There are reports that they were throwing grenades at the police during the shootout, some people in Watertown reporting that pressure cooker bombs were also thrown out of their window during the firefight with police. An MBTA police officer was shot, he is now in critical condition. Suspect number one was shot during that firefight. We are hearing that police were telling him to stay on the ground, Don't move and they stripped him naked taking no chances. The DA's office has now said he has died from gunshots. Police are warning people in Watertown to stay in their homes, to not go to stay in the center of their homes as far awayfrom the outside as possible. They are calling suspect #2 a terrorist who wants to kill people. He is wearing a gray hoodie. There may be more explosives in and around Watertown.

This is an ongoing manhunt. No one is being allowed in or out of Watertown, Cambridge, Waltham, Newton, Belmont, Allston, and Brighton. Police are urging people in these communities to stay home.