Here in New England you probably never have to worry about finding one of these in your house.   Scorpions are usually found in warmer, dryer climates, such as in the southwestern parts of the U.S.

That's where this little fella came from.  My friend in Phoenix, Arizona texted me this picture from her house this morning.  Judging by the photo, the scorpion didn't do so well in this encounter.  I did not ask her how she stopped it in its tracks.   I do know that it's the second time in a week she has found one.  With outside temperatures closing in on 110 degrees, it seems these creatures prefer the comfort of the indoors.

And yes, scorpions do sting.  I am told they will do everything they can to run away from us, and should you get stung, it can be easily treated.

Having never had an up close and personal encounter with one of these things, I'm not sure how I would react should that ever happen.   I had an episode with a bat in my house a few years ago and I paid a guy way too much money to put bat "traps" in the attack.  So compared to that, a little scorpion might not be so bad.   But when push comes to shove, I'm not all that brave.   I'd shake my shoes before putting them on, and certainly would never ever walk barefoot inside or out.