We Irish really like hockey and drinking..and since we don't have hockey this year, guess what we've been doing to fill the void? It's no surprise that Boston has received an unusual accolade for the second year in a row.

The Daily Beast has dubbed the Hub the drunkest city in America once again for 2012. Pour me a Sam Adams!

According to the Beast, adult Bostonians consume 15.6 alcoholic drinks on average a month. That is up by .1 from 2011. They also claim that 20.1-percent of the population is classified as "binge drinkers" and 7.4-percent is classified as heavy drinkers.


Flickr/ J pheonix

Springfield and Providence also made the top 25. Springfield is listed as the 14th drunkest city and Providence is listed as 10th. Bottoms up New England!