Have you noticed or clicked on the ads for Bolder Headbands on Facebook yet? Not only have I, but I've bought one. Facebook advertising totally works. The funky colors caught my eye and the call to action "A Chic Headband that stays put" pulled me in.

Awesome. I clicked, picked the pattern I liked (paisely) and ordered away. So is it everything it promises? Truth be told, ehhh. In the headband's defense, I may be between the medium and large size for head circumference. What I like most about the band are the funky colors. If I wear it more like a bandana across my forehead (a la Axl Rose Style) it will stay put, but if I push it up slightly past my forehead and hairline, it slowly migrates off my head. I have a friend who's bought one as well and had the same opinion.

Personally, for $18.00, I think the five pack of cloth headbands sold at the local pharmacies do a better job of holding back the tresses at the gym and for less money. They're cute, but more successful at marketing than at headband creation because the ads and web site had me sold.