We are still without power at the Rock house. No power means no TV and no Wii. No TV and no Wii means kids are driving us "cray cray". My wife had an idea last night, and I couldn't believe how well it worked. We broke out the old Monopoly game. I felt like it was a LITTLE outdated because it still had the iron game piece (and no cat), but we made it work. My father in law and my sister and law joined my wife and myself, and the kids were thrilled at the idea that all of the adults were playing, too.

It turned out to be good family time, and we had a memorable night thanks to the Blizzard of '13. Who knows? Maybe we'll pull out Trivial Pursuit tonight.

There's some good ole fashioned family fun coming to GNB Voc Tech next month with The Berenstain Bears LIVE show! My kids are already bugging me to take them. There will also be great family fun ideas from places like Carabiner's. Find out more by clicking here: