Yup. Today is my birthday. Did I tell anyone about it? Nope. If my kids didn't call me on the air this morning I never would have brought it up. It's not that I'm ashamed of my birthday. Honestly, that's not it. I'll readily admit that this is my last year of my 30's.

I just don't think birthdays are a big deal. When you think about it, all you are really celebrating is the fact that you didn't "check out" last year. Give me gifts because I didn't die. That's it. Actually, I think it would be more appropriate for people to give their mother a gift on their birthday. After all, she was the one who did all the dirty work. Doesn't it make more sense? "Hey mom, here's a little something for all of that pushing you did all those years ago."

The ONE thing I actually do find kind of cool on my birthday is the new found phenomenon of people from all the different chapters of your life wishing you a happy birthday on Facebook. I really do enjoy that. One thing I try to do when I'm the one wishing someone a Facebook happy birthday is to share a memory that I have of them. It makes it more interesting than the generic post "Happy Birthday, make it a great day."

There was a time here at Fun 107 that we used to celebrate EVERY single person's birthday. SO annoying. You'd be really on a roll, knee deep in meaningful work, when they'd make the rounds with a birthday card to sign. Then, you spend half an hour trying to pass it off to someone who hasn't signed it yet. Then, everyone has to "sneak" in the conference room to surprise the birthday person...who inevitably makes the "aw shucks" face and pretends that they're really surprised, "Oh, how did you know???" Thankfully, that practice has faded away over the years. Let's face it.  No one needed all that birthday cake.  I certainly, don't need it anymore.  Not now that I'm pushing 40! Yikes.