I really don't have a problem being a guinea pig for new products, especially when it involves two of my favorite things. Glazed Donuts and Bacon. You may have heard, that Dunkin' is taking the breakfast sandwich to a whole new epic level, with the glazed donut breakfast sandwich  As a matter of fact, we blogged about it in April. They were only testing it in select eastern Massachusetts locations.

Now, I Billy Teed am the first to get my hands on one here on the Southcoast! Let me explain my first taste experience with this new sandwich. First, clearly a glazed donut is a classic must have, and I know -- I've been eating them from Dunkin' since I entered this world. The sweet of the donut meets some crispy bacon, which is a little salty, so it off sets the sweetness of the donut.


Finally, you have something to give you some protein, which makes the egg absolutely vital.  Combine it all together, and it really is a flavor mixing explosion. I was skeptical of the sandwich when I first heard about it, so I wanted to try it to give you the real 411.

The verdict is that this sandwich is surprisingly delicious. I seriously recommend you to try it for yourself. I tried the bacon glazed donut sandwich, but you can also have it with sausage, which I bet is just as good.

Also, I tried the new hot chocolate coolatta, and yes, it really does taste like cold hot chocolate.