As the summer starts to come closer and closer to us, it is time to pick out that perfect bikini to tan on the beach. But the all this tanning in a bikini comes those tan lines so my question -- do you think tan lines are attractive or not attractive?


I'm for sure someone who enjoys spending my summer tanning on the beach but those tan lines that us women receive are not seen as attractive to me. I don't mind the tan lines from the bottom half of my body, because I tend to wear more of a cheeky bikini bottom so by the end of the summer the tan lines aren't so bad to deal with but I hate getting tan lines on the top half of my body.

It just looks weird and there is no bikini top out there to prevent this so I usually take one trip a week into the tanning booth to help get rid of those tan lines. What  I'd really like to know what you all think about tan lines on a women -- attractive or unattractive?