I never win..not even a penny back from playing Powerball, yet still I feel compelled to at least to buy one or two tickets. This is my polite reminder to you to go invest the 2 bucks, and it could in the very very very small chance pay back 425 million. People in 43 states  are lined up at convenience stores, gas stations and newsstands today,  taking a shot at winning and if no one strikes it rich, the jackpot could soar to record levels. You never know!


The fattest payout to a single winner was this May, when a woman in line at a Publix supermarket in Florida allowed an 84-year-old widow named Gloria McKenzie to go ahead of her in line. She won 580 Million. So are you going to take the chance and play? I did!

According to NBC, the odds are ridiculous to say the least. The chances of picking a winning Powerball ticket are roughly one in about 175 million. You are more likely to die of a hornet sting or be born with an extra finger.