It's the new crafty fad every March these past couple of year, leprechaun traps and boy are they cute.  

We are on the hunt for the most creative leprechaun traps on the Southcoast from now until St.Patrick's Day, which is this Friday March 17th.

  If you are new to this, honestly you and your kiddos should start with the
How To Catch A Leprechaun book, you can buy one anywhere.  This will help you with everything you first need to know about this fun tradition.  

The story goes that the goal is to "catch" the leprechaun as he goes for the gold or treat in you leprechaun trap. Will he sneak past you and score or will you catch him? Here's a riddle from the book...
"How to catch a leprechaun?
It's tougher than you think!
He'll turn your whole house upside down.
He's quicker than a wink!"

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Post your leprechaun trap in the comments section on our Facebook page and we will let the public vote on their favorite.  More than anything, this is a fun way to spend time with the kids and a nice break from their school work, the TV and internet.  Have fun and Happy St. Patty's Day :)