A lot of people use Craigslist to find jobs, post items they want to sell, you could even be in a movie if you stumble across the right listing at the right time. Sometimes it could be the wrong time too.

When you move out of an old place to a new one, it can be time consuming to pack everything. You want to just leave the junk sometimes and start fresh. So be careful when you post about a yard sale that says,

Moving and we want everything to go for free. So come over and take whatever you want and how much you want

Oh, people took what they wanted alright. They ended up cleaning out a guy's house in Georgia while he was at work. Homeowner Michael Vercher said, "They came in and just tore the place up. It was like ants in and out of the house."

Don't worry, the family put up another post to try to get some of the stuff that wasn't for sale back. Yeah, good luck with that.