The model baby you see in the photos for Baby Idol happens to belong to me. It's hard to believe, looking at that chubby, diapered, tie wearing, adorable baby, that he is already going to be two, and that the feature photo is almost 18 months old.


Time sure does fly. He is 22 months now, and the big question is, what do you do for a second birthday? The suggestions I've read on-line have said to keep it simple. The added challenge is that his birthday will always fall two weeks before Christmas.

I don't want to rob him of any experiences though just because he is a holiday baby, but I try to be conscientious of the fact that most people are in the Yuletide mood and  not thinking about birthday parties. I'm curious to know what other moms do? I am thinking for this year we may just do something small at home. Here's a great article too for any other mothers in the same pickle.