Live television is wonderful thing. Sometimes it reveals ones true colors, and last night we saw Rick Reilly be a bit of a jerk on Monday Night Football.


After the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Kansas City Chiefs, ESPN had to do about six hours of post game. No, but really, they do an awful lot of post game.

They cut away to the Sportscenter studio, and then back out the NFL Live crew to break it down. It was at that point that reporter Rick Reilly ordered - yes, ordered - Stuart Scott to make sure he told everyone that he had the information first on twitter, before breaking a story.

He didn't say in a joking way, it was a demand. Scott gave him a very odd look, and even Steve Young gave him a nudge that said 'not cool man'.

We would love to post the video here, but ESPN is a big party pooper when it comes to their fails. Luckily, Deadspin was able jump all over it. Thank you.