Fox 25 tweeted out that a man had been arrested for allegedly breaking into the  Hyannisport compound of the Kennedy family last night. The story got really weird once it was fully posted to the channel's website, though. Apparently, a 53-year-old man broke into the house and spent quite a bit of time there. The report even said that the man had a lengthy conversation and dinner with Edward Kennedy Jr.'s son, Ted, who at first thought the man was a welcomed guest who had worked with his father.

After talking with the suspect for a while the younger Kennedy got on the phone with his father, who had called to check in on him. When the suspect was brought into the situation, Mr. Kennedy decided to call the police.

Now here's where the story takes its strangest turn. When cops arrived and apprehended the man, he told them he was at the house because he was trying to find pop star Katy Perry and the late, former president John F. Kennedy. That right there clearly shows how unstable this guy really is. What a bizarre story, though. It just doesn't make any sense.