Every election, whether it's presidential or local, you'll hear more and more about how you should vote and it's your right to vote, and given this freedom you shouldn't just throw it away like some people do.

I do believe if you're 18 or older, you should vote. It surprises me that only 60% of our country will vote in today's election, according to studies.

It bothers me more when people complain about who's running the country, or what they would do better if they were in office. I ask one question and one question only. "Did you vote?" If the answer is no, I walk away, simple as that. If you didn't take advantage of using your right and privilege to vote, then you have no grounds to complain on how this country is run. Vote today.

So since this is Election Day and voting on FUN 107.com is kept anonymous, I was wondering.

As of 4:30pm on November 6th, 76% plan to vote today and 24% plan not to vote, yet you voted on FUN 107.com that you weren't voting. I guess if electoral votes were online, more would turn out.