I grew up under the guidance of a wonderful woman, my grandmother.   But she was terribly superstitious and there was nothing that would change her mind.   Not even her husband of 50 plus years, my grandfather.   The earliest memory I recall about her superstitions is her ordering my grandfather to turn the car around because a black cat had crossed the road in front of us.   She said we could not cross the cat's path.   Well my grandfather pulled into a driveway, turned in the opposite direction and we were all safe.   He really wanted to avoid an argument.

How about Friday the 13th?   Or breaking a mirror?    Will stepping on a crack break your mother's back?   And what about good luck?   Does a rabbit's foot help?   How about finding a 4 leaf clover?   I do admit to walking around a latter instead of under it.  I also try to avoid opening an umbrella indoors.  Other than that, I consider myself relatively lucky and have accepted that what will be will be.