As I'm looking through my Facebook news feed the other day I stumbled upon a status from Billy Teed saying "if a women is beautiful and single there's a 93% chance its because she's crazy." Ladies and gentlemen I beg to differ.

Billy Teed says that given his past dating record, there is usually a reason why women who are single and good looking are still single. As a female who is good looking and single, I believe this to not be true.

Billy then says he dated a semi pro volleyball player who was very good looking but for some reason lacked self confidence.  So in the end after much time spent fighting about pointless things even though he was a good guy to her,  she ended up cheating on him.

I now respond to him saying she probably cheated on him because even though he was a good guy to her, he still probably lacked something - although I'm not condoning cheating -  I will say this, chances are if a women is beautiful and single it's because she knows exactly what she wants and refuses to settle.

And if the guy isn't giving her all she expects this kind of women will have no problem calling him out on it and chances are a guy will not understand how to handle that appropriately, and most likely instantly think she's crazy.

Billy Teed and I could continue to go on and on about this issue, but we've decided to agree to disagree. Now, We want to hear from you!