A new survey has ranked each state by how well they tip and we here in New England are not the most generous customers. 

At least we're not Delaware. That's what we might want to start saying around here, cause they are one of the few states that tip less often and with smaller average tips that we do.

So what are the average tips for New England states individually?

Well Vermont actually has the worst offenders. After analyzing tens of millions of transactions across the US by payment service Square revealed that only 58.6% of people in Vermont even leave a tip and it's usually only 15.5% of their bill.

Connecticut is not much better with 58.3% of people leaving tips that average 15.6%.

And Massachusetts is right behind them with an average of 15.7% per bill and only 54.9% followed extremely closely by Rhode Island where only 52.2% of people tip and then it's only 15.8%.

So what makes New Englanders such bad tippers?

Are we just really picky about the service we receive? Are we hard to please? Or are we just too broke to part with any more extra money than we have to?

I know my husband is definitely on the high end of those averages. He loves to routinely tip 20-25%. Sometimes even when he thinks the service wasn't that great.

So what kind of tipper are you? Do you base your tips on the service you receive or do you like to tip high just because?