There are hardcore Apple and Android fans out there, so which device do you prefer? I know there are a lot of smartphones out there, but today we're just focusing on these two.

Apple recently just released the iPhone 5S, the seventh generation iPhone. Among the features based on Apple's Keynote Presentation, includes a new way to unlock the iPhone call Touch ID, a special fingerprint sensor, a new iOS 7 that's speedier, even more user friendly, and camera software that now features burst mode, where you can take 20 pictures at once, and a slo-mo camera for cool video effects.

Apple now features three metal finishes like silver, new space gray, and black, so there's more of a selection to choose from. How far has Apple come 7 iPhones and 7 operating systems later.

On the Android side of things is the extremely fast Samsung Galaxy S4. The cool features include gestures such as waving your hand above the screen to flip to another, answer phone calls, even quickly checking email and missed calls without even touching the screen. Android has always been known for its beefy software, and multi-task apps, where you can run several at a time, including widgets, without jeopardizing processor speed. And, it's extremely light. I think even lighter than the iPhone.

Being iPhone's main competition, Samsung is going for the jugular with this incredible phone. I only say this because I have one, but my vote doesn't count. When it's all said and done, who has the better smartphone?

Before you vote, make sure you watch both videos to get a better idea on both smartphone's features.