We are hearing Justin Bieber's side of the alleged attempted robbery incident from earlier this week.

Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Debates over whether Justin Bieber stole or ripped a phone out of a fan's hands earlier this week at a family fun center in LA, is in question now.

According to time.com Bieber was hitting up the batting cages when he supposedly saw a woman taking pictures of him with her phone, her daughter beside her. According to the fan, Bieber stole the phone out of her bag after he accused her of taking pictures of him and harassing him.

Bieber's lawyer, Howard Weitzman, says the aggressive fan was harassing Bieber after he asked her to stop and even the employees at the fun center confirmed that the fan was being rather aggressive.

Now allegations point to Bieber lashing out at onlookers and the question remains whether or not Bieber took the phone from the woman's hand or stole it out of her bag.

There are now reports about the Biebz being detained for this incident and the fan has been interviewed.

Either way, Bieber can't seem to escape his fans, the press or misdemeanors.