An East German couple have been decorating their summer home's apple tree with Easter eggs for nearly 50 years and the tradition looks amazing.

Germans must really love to decorate trees. They were the first to decorate Christmas trees and apparently also have a tradition of getting festive for Easter by creating what is called Ostereierbaum or Easter egg tree every spring.

Though they've been around for centuries the most notable Ostereierbaum is still being decorated to this day by a man and his wife in Saalfeld, Thuringia. And they clearly spare no expense on this thing.

Volker Kraft and his wife Christa have been decorating their apple tree with Easter eggs since 1965. What started as 18 plastic eggs in the tree has turned into 10,000 painted eggs.

Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images

The result is just amazing.

The family takes nearly two weeks to get all the eggs in the tree. Using a ladder to get to the very top and working the eggs into the tree from the center near the trunk out to the very furthest branches.

They also blow out all the eggs, so its just painted shells that can be used again and again without an horrifying rotten egg smell looming over the property.

They've mastered this Easter egg tree for 49 years now, slowly working their way up to their current capacity of 10,000 eggs.

Next year will be their 50th year of decorating, but no word on if they'll do something extra special or add more eggs for the occasion.

Either way, the tree is super cool if you ask me.

Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images
Thomas Lohnes/Getty Images