I recently got to cross a very special something off my bucket list. As an avid knitter (no joke!) I've been around alpacas many times. But getting this close was a dream come true!

I truly have to thank Shirley Lanouette for letting me come to her Hillcrest Alpaca farm in North Dartmouth for a "hands on" experience with her dozens of alpacas.

Shirley has a great space for these guys and girls and I learned so much about these animals I have been fascinated with for years.

Admittedly my dream was to cuddle an alpaca, but as cute as they are they aren't really cuddlers. You can't help but want to hug them once you up close, but I was more than happy to settle for some hand feeding.

One cria (that's a baby alpaca) was open to being pet, so that was huge for me! I can tell you first hand that their fleece is amazingly soft and has incredible properties unlike another other fiber.

See more about the amazing alpacas and my time with them in the video below.

And shout out to Kristen for setting this up for me and Jathan for filming some great angles!