When American Idol first began, I was instantly hooked. I followed the very first season from auditions, right down to the finale with Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini. I even watched the "Kelly & Justin" movie.

I loved the Simon, Randy, Paula years. Even as Paula Abdul became beligerent and it seemed like she couldn't get through a show without slurring, it was all still part of the magic.  I actually started watching for sport, tuning in more to watch how Paula would conduct herself next.

Then came the Ellen Degeneres, Kara DioGuardi era. I still watched. I've always been an Ellen fan. But now I can't keep up with the ever changing judges panel for this show. I hardly watched this past season.

And the truth of the matter is, I don't CARE! Does anyone? I like Kanye and I like Nicki Minaj as performers. Maybe I'm just burned out on singing talent shows. And I just don't think it's 'news' anymore to speculate who'll be judging American Idol, X-Factor or the other 50 Karaoke contests on TV.