I often wonder what goes through a man's mind or rather what type of women intrigues a man more when they are out having a good time with their buddies so I decided to reach out to my guy friends to ask them which do they prefer, an aggressive women or a women who plays hard to get.

I prefer to be more of the aggressive type when it comes to seeking out a man, if I'm really interested, I find men can be more afraid of rejection then women so chances of them coming up to us ladies is very slim but there is a fine line between being confidently aggressive and being promiscuously aggressive. I reached out to a few close guy friends asking their opinion in which type of women intrigues them more, an aggressive women or a women who plays hard to get and the responses left me in laughter.

It seems as if most of my guy friends believe men prefer a women who will be confidently aggressive with approaching them, they find the one's who play hard to get are either insecure or high maintenance but really at the end of the day what matters the most is if the guy is actually looking for a relationship or not so ladies not only do we have to be confidently aggressive with our approach but we also have to be smart enough to read their "signs".