As a dance performer I have always been and still am a huge fan of the deceased legend Michael Jackson and also have high a respect for the incredible choreographer Wade Robson. This report of Wade filing suit on Michael Jackson for child molestation brings a disturbing knot to my stomach.

Choreographer Wade Robson met Michael Jackson when he was 5 years old and later at the age of 7 became pals,he then continued to have "slumber parties" in and out of the Jackson owned homes until Wade was 14 years old and performed "The Way You Make Me Feel" back in 1990 on "Star Search" but the biggest detail of all is when Wade Robson testified in the 2005 Jackson molestation trail saying Michael NEVER touched him so why is his story now changing.

Wade Robson who is now age 30 filed a late creditors claim against the Michael Jackson Estate on May 1st for childhood sexual abuse but Howard Weitzmen who is the lawyer of the Michael Jackson Estate says Wade Robson testified under oath twice and in interviews, over the last 20 years, said Michael never touched him. Now after 4 years of his passing wants to claim otherwise,Weitzmen is sure the courts will see this for what it is.