Shortly before I headed on my vacation in Phoenix, my house had an unwanted visitor.  There are few things that creep me out more than bats.  Never liked them, never will.  And once in the house, they are pretty much uncontainable.  I was lucky this time and was able to get the winged rodent to fly out the front door after swatting at it with a pillow I grabbed from the couch.

While a guest in a beautiful condo in Phoenix, I saw something I had never seen in person before.   As I walked across the dining room, I wondered what the Alex cat was staring at.  When I looked closely at the floor, I actually froze in my tracks for a moment when I realized it was a scorpion.   I've obviously never been stung by one, and I don't want to ever experience that.

So without even thinking, I grabbed a small jewel box that happened to be on the kitchen counter, and smashed it onto the creature.  I held it tight for a few seconds, slowly lifted the box, and saw the remains of the dead scorpion.   Success!

Only a few days later, another scorpion sighting.  This thanks to the black light "Scorpion Detector" advertised in that poster you see that I saw at a Phoenix CVS store.   The light actually makes them glow in the dark.   This one too suffered the same fate.

So if by chance you shoe ever find a scorpion in your home, just give me a call.  But when it comes to bats, I'd be hiding under the covers as quickly as you would be.