We all know that Adam Levine practices in Bikram Yoga and Shakira has been putting her best efforts into dropping her after baby weight so Adam decided to invite Shakira to take a Bikram Yoga class with him and let's just say Shakira's boyfriend Gerard Pique wasn't very happy about it.

For those that don't know anything about yoga, Bikram Yoga is all about experience yoga under hot temperatures so you know if you step into this kind of class you sure to get sweaty and that's just what Adam Levine and Shakira did,they got sweaty together and although Adam Levine has said that Shakira is beautiful but not his type that hasn't stopped Shakira's boyfriend, euro soccer player Gerard Pique from thinking that Adam is trying to put the moves on Shakira so much so that he decided to plant a sexy kiss on Shakira during one of his games as if to put his claim on her.

I'd like to give a round of applause to Shakira because if I was getting all kinds of sweaty with Adam I don't think I could resist myself but the fact that Shakira's boyfriend is making sure to place his claim on her is probably the sexiest thing a man could do in my book,some guys out there should take lessons from Gerard and realize that if you have a good women on your hands its ok to throw out the macho man exterior and claim your women and show her she's special to you.