You'd assume a judge would know better than to cause a riot in a courtroom, but then again you know what they say about assuming.

All I could think of when I read this story was that he would have made a great defendant in his own court, but it was Judge Joe Brown on the wrong side of the law today.

David Livingston/Getty Images

According to, the TV judge pretty much lost it in a Memphis juvenile court today and was held in contempt by the judge on the case. Seems very ironic.

Brown is apparently running for DA in Shelby County, so this may have just been a way to drum up press that went terribly wrong, but when Brown got to the courthouse today to represent someone in a child custody case he was turned away being told that the court had no record of the case.

Brown's super-professional response was to start cursing in the courtroom and  then allegedly "incit[ing] a near riot."

The best part is although the judge told him to quiet down, he ignored the man in the robe and was subsequently arrested for contempt of court. He's got five days behind bars.

Wonder if the stunt will actually get him elected?