With temperatures in the low '60's, you could not ask for a better October night than this.  I was joined by Amanda of the FUN 107 Street Team to meet and greet listeners as they arrived at the Asylum of Horror in Fall River.

The FUN 107 tent was pitched just outside of the haunted house's entrance, so everyone tested their luck with a spin of our famous prize wheel.    Four young women from UMass Dartmouth were waiting their turn, and one asked me if it is really scary inside.  I said "Do you scare easily?"   When she answered "Yes I do," I told her she just may be in the wrong place because I've been hearing screams all night.   She and her 3 friends then went inside, and I believe at least a couple of them survived.

It was a fun night in Fall River, and we'll do it again next weekend.   The Halloween season is huge, and attractions like this make the season even better.