As I drove to Fort Taber on Sunday Morning for Sharon's Walk, I had a little "wow" factor experience as I headed south on Route 18 in the downtown area.   It had been only two or three weeks since I was on that stretch of road, but the progress is amazing.   Beautiful lamp posts have popped up on the median between the north and south bound lanes.   Brick sidewalks are beginning to appear, as well as cobblestone-type pavement on the streets that will cross the highway, giving us easy access to the waterfront.

This project has been under construction for many many months, and has made the trip to that part of the city very cumbersome for those who do it everyday.   There have been detours as well and very narrow lanes in between jersey barriers.   But now we see light at the end of the tunnel, and the results are now taking shape.

We are told that the new ramp from 18 north bound to route 6 should be open by Thanksgiving.    The construction is running far ahead of schedule.   Isn't that refreshing in this day and age?    So we need a little more patience with the construction, and then we can enjoy the huge upgrade to what should be a very nice ride, and walk through downtown New Bedford.