"Congratulations on your divorce!" is not something that people usually hear when their marriage ends.

Kansas City Star, Getty Images

Usually when I hear of a divorce, I think of plenty of Kleenex, ice cream, wine, and plenty of good friends around for support.

But it seems that the new trend these days, is to throw a party!! That's right, a party!

Glamour.com says that rather than sulking over this "end" in your life, more people have begun to see this as a new phase and a new beginning for them!

Definitely an interesting new take on things!

This "Divorce Party" is a great excuse to celebrate yet another new chapter in life and can definitely give you a new perspective!

Not a bad idea at all! Hopefully, with a 'divorce party' it'll be a way to look at more of the positives in the situation than the negatives.  If you want some ideas on how to plan one, here are some handy guidelines!