The Voice season six hasn't even reached the live show stage yet, but the buzz about season seven has already started. That's because a new judge was announced and fans are psyched to see him in action.

With Cee-Lo Green announcing several weeks ago that he was stepping out of his red leather swivel chair for good, fans of The Voice started to wonder who producers would get to replace him next season. Or if Usher would become a more permanent part of the show.

Well sorry Usher, but I think producer went in the right direction by picking up a fun, new judge to mix things up on season seven.

And that new judge is Pharrell Williams! (I'll bet he was pretty "Happy" to get the news)

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Lame jokes aside, I think this is a fantastic addition to the judges panel and a perfect fit with Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. They seemed pretty thrilled too, with Levine tweeting out

"@Pharrell Welcome to the circus dude!"

No word on if Christina Aguilera will be back for season seven either. She of course has recently announced both her engagement and pregnancy, so she might be a bit busy next fall.