I got the idea to take my 5 year old princess to her first Red Sox game on Monday a week ago when I realized I had the day off, it was an 11 am game, the weather was going to be nice and the Boston Marathon was going to be happening at the same time.

Thanks to my good friend Donnie, we had the perfect view of the field. Amazingly, Abby lasted the entire game, and mom, dad, daughter and Abby's granddad were treated to a walk off win by the Sox.

After leaving Fenway Park, we stopped off at the souvenir shop, then made our way to the car which was parked at Boston University which unfortunately we could not get to now unless we crossed the road that runners were running on. We were at Kenmore Square with the option of taking a right and heading for the finish line, which was about a mile away, or taking a left. So, we took a left and walked for about 10 minutes when we realized there was no way to get across. We then decided to just head back the other way, and get to the finish line, watch a bit , then cross over.

The time then was 2:38 pm. We got  a half mile from the finish line, when the day fell apart. Wall to wall people at every turn, and a few people around that were in tears, but we had no idea why. Then the news began to get to us about the tragic evens that were unfolding just a short distance from where we stood.

The decision to go left instead of right at first, may have been the difference in what could have put us in a very different situation. I'm thankful we ended up safe, and feel terrible for those that were not as lucky.