What the heck is going on here, right?!

Well, this is what happens when boyfriends do their girlfriends makeup!

Have you ever wondered how your makeup would come out if you had your boyfriend do it instead?  I have to honestly say no, I haven't wondered that because I just assumed the answer to that would be: TERRIBLE.

Guys always goof on us for (and this is a direct quote from my husband) "standing in the mirror for a half an hour, painting your face."  They don't get it.  I think they usually like the end result...depending on the amount of makeup used I guess...but they don't get how or why we do it.

Me personally, I LOVE makeup.  I think it's fun to buy, fun to learn about, fun to experiment with.  I just love everything about it.

With makeup though, there's a lot to learn and then it takes skill to apply that knowledge!  What guy knows what primer is and where it goes?  Or, how to correctly do a smokey eye?  How bout the purpose of brow mousse?  These are foreign terms to most men I know!

So, how do you think these guys did on their gals makeup?  Watch the video and find out!