I thought is was the right thing to do

9-year old Kamryn, of Grand Junction, Colorado, was told she broke the dress code by Caprock Academy officials because she shaved her head. Kamryn made the decision to shave off her locks to support her best friend, Delaney, who is battling neuroblastoma. According to FOX News, the nine year old told the local news outlet, KDVR, "I thought is was the right thing to do."

Her mother was shocked that the school considered her hair a violation of the dress code. It's just shocking to me that adults could actually look at this little girl...knowing what she did and who she did it for....and still think it was the right thing to do to not allow her to attend school until her hair grows back.

The school has apparently caved into pressure from the public, as Kamryn was invited to return today. The school official will meet to discuss the situation and a possible revision of the policy. Academy president, Catherine Norton Breman said that the dress code was created to promote safety, uniformity, and a non-distracting environment for the school's students and under that policy, shaved heads are not permitted.

Delaney was so happy to have the support of her best friend but was sadden by the response from their school.

Kamryn, we commend you for being so brave and such a good friend. There should be more kids just like you.